The New Normal: Life at home after the Movement Control Order (MCO)


Since the implementation, enforcement and easing of the Malaysia's Movement Control Order (MCO), life within the home sphere has undergone many dramatic changes. Families once prone to spending their weekends outdoors were confined to their homes, faced with the monumental task of reconsidering how they used their spaces. For many Malaysians, this meant an overhaul of living habits. Three months down the road, we’ve all gained some insight into what the “new normal" means!

Central to the changing of lifestyles is the fact that spaces now must pull double duty. With kitchen tables now serving as the backdrop for meals as well as for work, the onus falls on families to create flexible spaces that are both relaxing in ambiance, and yet functional and conducive for the challenge of working from home.

For this purpose, homeowners can invest in multi-purpose furniture. Think modular sofas and seating solutions, ample lighting both ambient and task-oriented, foldable tables and chairs that can be put away when not in use, air-quality appliances, and smart home appliances to make cooking, cleaning, and living an absolute breeze. The point of importance is this: homeowners must engage in creative space and layout planning to create the perfect balance, ensuring their home spaces can cater to both work and play without compromising on the quality of either.

IJM Land incorporates flexible spaces into Starling flexi homes at Bandar Rimbayu providing homeowners with the flexibility to convert the space as needs change

Outdoor spaces have also evolved in this time. In lieu of spending every single day cooped indoors, Malaysians opted to spruce up their balconies and yards, adding tables and chairs so they could choose to work, read, or otherwise engage in their hobbies outdoors. Those who prefer to work in open, breezy spaces can also consider setting up a workspace in the balcony, where they can enjoy the fresh air as they work! Couple the balcony love with the fact that urban vegetable gardening is more popular than ever before and you have a space that is absolutely thriving in greenery.

The balcony area at Secoya Residences can double up as a dining space or even as an outdoor office with access to fresh air.

Equally affected throughout the MCO, kids have also had to deal with changes throughout their lives. Once provided with easy access to their peers and teachers, Malaysian kids had to take their lessons through video conference calls, and many parents reported their little ones growing restless and unhappy. Home ‘co-working’ spaces are a great way to combat this, and with all parties working together at the same time, kids and parents alike are afforded some company to while the hours away! Infrastructure and high-speed internet are both important in these times, as well as plenty of storage solutions.

With the dual key units at the upcoming Savvy @ Riana Dutamas, the 4-bedroom dual key unit can be used as a full-fledged home office.

IJM Land developments are high speed broadband infrastructure ready

Ultimately, many Malaysians have taken to the new normal with ease. Indeed, most have risen spectacularly to the occasion, taking on the challenge as a learning experience and welcoming the opportunity to spend quality time at home with their loved ones. And perhaps this is a good time to reimagine the space you live in, and to ask yourself: What can you do to make your house a home?

It is no secret that the pandemic has made us realise the importance of staying near essential amenities and F & B options. Seremban 2 township is now home to a variety of convenience and lifestyle amenities.

For some, it's finally investing in the right furnishings, or even striking out to find the property they’ve always wanted. A new space that caters to a new lifestyle. For others, it’s taking the time to appreciate their family, and doing their best to eliminate the distance between them and their parents. Whatever the case, the MCO has shown us that now, more than ever, human connection is of utmost importance. And how we communicate within our homes is a significant part of that.

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