The ideal place to live


For most of us, we seek a place, a home that is ideal for us to live in. Perhaps it could be a township that is well developed or the countryside that is peaceful and quiet. However, most of us will not go wrong if we look at the most important things to us: family, workplace, and schools.


For most people, a place near the family ranks first, among other factors. In this respect, the ideal place to live in would be close to our loved ones, such as our parents, siblings, and relatives. Living close to our family members is important because there will be challenging times in our lives when we need the support of our loved ones. By living close to them, we can rely on their support and offer the same support when required. In addition, by living close to our family members, we can maintain close relationships with them. While telecommunications technology enables us to call our loved ones, nothing beats face-to-face physical interaction with our loved ones. Activities such as shopping and dining together become possible when we live near our loved ones. Therefore, choosing a place that is near our family members is usually the first consideration for home buyers.


The second factor to consider is the distance between workplace. As homeownership is a long-term financial commitment, it would be wise to settle down at a place that is close to an area with decent economic activity. Such an area would provide us with employment opportunities and enable us to raise our standard of living. It makes sense to live in neighbourhoods that are close to our workplaces and areas that provide future employment opportunities, as there is an opportunity cost involved in living far away from our workplaces. If we live far away from our workplaces, we waste money on travelling costs. We also waste time when travelling long distances to our workplaces. It makes sense to save time and money while allocating them to productive activities for ourselves. Alternatively, staying in neighbourhoods with excellent transportation infrastructures, such as highways and rail, can save time and money. Therefore, choosing a place that is near our workplace and areas with decent economic activity would typically be the second consideration for home buyers.


The third factor to consider is schools. Besides travelling to our workplaces, it would be ideal if our children have schools close to home. If workplaces and schools are close to the places that we live in, we can save on travelling time, which can be saved for rest and quality time for family gatherings. Schools with good reputations for quality education and outstanding academic results can become the determining factors that influence home buyers. If we live near educational institutions and educational hubs, our children and ourselves will have more options to secure quality education for personal and career development. Therefore, choosing a place that is near educational institutions would normally be the third consideration for home buyers.

In conclusion, the factors that contribute to the attractiveness of places to live in include our families, workplaces, and schools. They enable us to maintain close relationships with our loved ones, secure employment opportunities and provide us with opportunities for personal and career development. Mak Academy principal Mak Kum Shi is a trainer in English, Communications, and Real Estate. As an internationally renowned writer, he has an extensive cover story portfolio on property, entrepreneurship, information communications technology, lifestyle, architecture, and interior design. Learn about English, Communications, and Real Estate by visiting

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