Working from home: How to make the best of your work from home situation


As the world continues to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the new normal continues to pervade our everyday lives. For many of us, this working from home is set to continue. And while the home must continue to pull double duty for rest and for work, we’ll need some quick and easy solutions to allow for both! Here’s how!

Choose to live life as normal as you can. Even though you may no longer be required to visit the office on a daily basis, you should still make it a point to shower before you start work. Set up a safe space in which to work. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a dedicated home office – if your home isn’t large enough, find a spot and turn it into a multi-purpose space instead!

You can always consider transforming an underutilised space in your home into a multi-purpose space to meet your needs (Photo: Rimbun Impian @ S2 Heights)

It’s easy enough to turn your dining table into a temporary working zone; to ensure easy transformation from ‘work’ to ‘play’, incorporate plenty of storage options for keeping your files and papers out of sight when you no longer need them! Another great spot that is ideal for a multifunctional workspace is your balcony. Two chairs and a table make it the perfect spot for hanging out after dinner to watch the sunset – and to work during the day for a fresh, breezy open space.

You can turn your balcony into a work space for enjoying the great views and fresh air (Photo: Secoya Residences @ Pantai Sentral Park)

Don’t forget that your choice of locations will also play into the functionality and productivity of the space. Choose a fairly private and well-lit area with abundant natural light to keep your eyes happy as you work. Ideally, this spot should also be well-ventilated to promote productivity and good health. For this purpose, a spot near a window is preferable for a breath of fresh air! Make sure it is a quiet spot, so you can focus without the incessant distractions. To add a stroke of colour and to help brighten up the space even more, bring in lots of verdant green plants! Not only will they help you clean the air at home, they’ll also look great while filling your home with life.

Sit near a window for natural light (Photo: Rimbun Impian @ S2 Heights)

If you’ve plenty of room to spare, another great home office solution is a taller surface for hot desking! This will allow you to stretch your limbs out while you work, while ensuring your computer remains at a comfortable eye level. Don’t forget to add a comfortable sofa bed or daybed, which provides the perfect plush situation for lower-focus tasks like answering emails and responding to messages. Add a coffee table and the perfect cup of joe, and you’re good to go!

The dining area also functions as a work counter (Photo: Savvy @ Riana Dutamas)

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